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DBS Checks for Volunteers

At eSafeguarding, we supply a DBS check online for volunteers through cutting-edge technology and a safe, secure and speedy process. 

What Is a DBS Check?

A DBS check is an official record which states a person’s criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands, and warnings. These are important because they let employers find out whether a candidate is suitable to work in their organisation. DBS checks are required for a number of sectors, but most commonly they are needed when a potential employee will be working with vulnerable groups like children or the elderly. 

A DBS Volunteer Check

Volunteer DBS checks are typically required when volunteers are working in positions that involve regular contact with vulnerable individuals, such as children or adults at risk. These roles may include volunteering in schools, youth clubs, healthcare settings, care homes, charities, and other organisations that provide services to vulnerable populations. 


The Volunteer DBS check provides a comprehensive background check that includes information about an individual’s criminal history, including both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings. This level of scrutiny helps organisations ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals they serve whilst also protecting the reputation of the organisation itself. 

Why Use eSafeguarding for Volunteer DBS Checks?

The eSafeguarding system is fast, safe, and secure. Enhanced disclosures can come back within 24 hours and four out of five applications are completed within three days. 

If you want a straightforward and effective system to manage DBS checks for volunteers, then there is no better choice than eSafeguarding. 

Our helpful and experienced team of countersignatories are always on hand to help and advise you and your applicants on all aspects of the DBS process. 

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