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DBS Checks for Healthcare

Anyone considering a career in the healthcare sector may be subject to background checks before they commence employment, with most roles requiring an Enhanced DBS Check (formerly known as CRB checks) which shows an individual’s full criminal record history. 

What Type of DBS Check Do You Need in Healthcare?

There are a number of DBS checks available: basic, standard and enhanced, so the level of DBS check you need will depend on the role of the applicant. 

At eSafeguarding, here are some of the main DBS check we provide: 

A DBS check for healthcare assistants

A DBS check for doctors

A DBS check for dentists

A DBS check for nurses

Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Assistants all provide healthcare to children and adults as part of their duties, so are required to have an Enhanced DBS Check with the Child and Adult Barred Lists. 

Hospital Porters

They can be eligible for different levels of DBS checks depending on what their daily duties consist of. If they have direct contact with patients as part of their everyday activities, they are eligible for a Standard DBS Check. However, if their responsibilities include transporting adult patients to different areas of the hospital for medical treatment, then they would be in regulated activity and therefore be eligible for Enhanced DBS Check with Adults Barred List. Transporting children in the same way is not regulated activity so the porter would be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check only. 

NHS Administrative Roles

Roles such as receptionists and medical secretaries who have contact with patients during the course of their normal duties are eligible for a Standard DBS check. 

Auxiliary Roles

Individuals such as technicians, cleaners, plumbers, engineers, electricians etc, that undertake duties in ward areas or other locations in the hospital where they are likely to come into contact with patients, are eligible for a Standard DBS check. 


Those working within the health service who are often required to attend appointments in order to translate between the healthcare provider and their patient may be eligible for a Standard DBS check, as their duties here would be concerned with the provision of health services. If they’re employed to work in a children’s hospital in England where they have contact with children, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS check without Children’s Barred list. They are also eligible for this level of check if they are working in a high security psychiatric hospital. 

High Security Psychiatric Hospital Roles are eligible at least for an Enhanced DBS check without barred lists. This applies to roles that would ordinarily only be eligible for Standard or Basic checks in a surgery or general hospital. 

Why Use eSafeguarding for DBS Healthcare Checking?

The eSafeguarding system is fast, safe, and secure. Enhanced disclosures can come back within 24 hours and four out of five applications are completed within three days. 

If you want a straightforward and effective system to manage DBS checks for your childcare organisation, then there is no better choice than eSafeguarding. 

Our helpful and experienced team of countersignatories are always on hand to help and advise you and your applicants on all aspects of the DBS process. 

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Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. If you need help with making sure you are complying with the law, you should speak to a legal advisor. 

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