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The Protocol Group

Environmental Policy

We are committed to sound environmental practice and will plan and update our practices in response to advances in technology and new understanding in environmental science.


In order to sustain environmental awareness and good practice, we will endeavour to ensure that all activities are controlled.


We are committed to continual improvement of the environment and will endeavour to control the activities of the company to minimise any risks of pollution to the environment.


We will minimise the production of waste where possible and any disposal of waste produced will be carried out with due care for the environment. Where waste products or materials can be recycled, we will make every effort to ensure they are recycled in an environmental responsible way in order to conserve resources.


We will maintain environmental practices with regards to our neighbours and surrounding area. We will reinforce the message of conserving our energy resources, through training and awareness.


We will ensure that we comply with current legislation and other relevant regulations and requirements.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.