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Right to Work Checks

eSafeguarding can complete the necessary DBS checks to ensure working environments are safe for everyone involved. You can also carry out a Right to Work Check with us, through a process that eliminates complications and time-consuming procedures.

What Is a Right to Work Check?

Before beginning employment, a Right to Work check must be carried out to verify an individual’s eligibility to work, confirming they have permission to work in the UK (or to work in the country relevant to the role). This check ensures you are complying with the prevention of illegal working legislation.


The following aspects are necessary for a Right to Work check:

To carry out a Right to Work check, you can earn clarification from their original documents, such as a passport, identity card, work permit or visa.

A Right to Work check can also be carried out online if you have access to their share code.

Follow-up checks may be required in situations where there are time-limitations on the right to work – such as with work visas – to ensure the individual’s right to work remains valid.

To confirm that the documentation is relevant to the individual, an identification check may be required. At eSafeguarding, we supply an optional ID Verification service which ensures a hassle-free experience every step of the way.


Applicants can choose to send their identification documents via traditional mail, or they can use our Yoti app to securely upload their identification.

A Safe, Secure and Speedy Process

Throughout the entire process, we keep the client well-informed with regular update emails. These updates provide transparency and peace of mind, allowing clients to stay in the loop and have a clear understanding of where they stand in the process.


Our commitment to communication ensures that clients are empowered with real-time information, enabling them to make informed decisions and effectively manage their personnel with confidence.


eSafeguarding also takes a client-centric approach to DBS checks, alleviating the administrative burden and enhancing efficiency. From identity verification to DBS submission, we offer a comprehensive and transparent solution, backed by regular updates, to ensure that the client is always aware of the progress and status of their Right to Work check and their DBS check.

Why eSafeguarding?

The eSafeguarding system is fast, safe, and secure. Enhanced disclosures can come back within 24 hours and four out of five applications are completed within three days.

If you want a straightforward and effective system to manage Right to Work checks, then there is no better choice than eSafeguarding.

Our helpful and experienced team of countersignatories are always on hand to help and advise you and your applicants on all aspects of the DBS process.

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