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Relaunching eSafeguarding


eSafeguarding is the online DBS check provider that can ensure you find candidates eligible to work for you through an accurate and speedy process, using technology that creates a service easy for everyone involved. 

As part of the Protocol Group, eSafeguarding has been working with the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) for over 15 years, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and credible experience within the industry.  

With years of practice under our belt, our customer service skills, high-quality level service, and streamlined processes allow for a leading service for DBS checks.

Why is a DBS check important?

When hiring people, particularly if they’re going to be working with children or vulnerable adults, ensuring that their criminal records are cleared is vital – and a DBS check provider such as eSafeguarding can help this process. 

A DBS check will display any reasons where a potential candidate is unfit for any such working conditions, meaning that recruitment can be made much safer for certain roles. 

Roles which a DBS check is required for include: 

At eSafeguarding, we are linked to our expert partner, Bookmark, an education recruitment specialist, to help employers and candidates seek out the most appropriate job roles and opportunities, allowing for an extremely efficient and holistic procedure. 

eSafeguarding also serves HR staff within recruiting organisations, where such professionals require a swift DBS check to streamline their recruitment services and discover the most appropriate candidates. 

Why is eSafeguarding the expert partner for you? 

eSafeguarding offers a range of benefits for the process of DBS checks, making it the leading provider for a range of industries.


At eSafeguarding, we boast having significantly reduced processing times to create a system that offers prompt and fast services. Enhanced Disclosures can come back within 24 hours, and four out of five of our applications are completed within three days.


Our secure web interface allows for information to be sent through instantaneously, removing any worries of missing post or delays attached to sharing personal information.


eSafeguarding takes away the administrative burden of DBS processing, and can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. It encompasses a range of customisation options to suit your needs, as well as including helpful features such as instant data validation, information pop-ups and application tracking.


The eSafeguarding process is completely online-based, with no paper or postage involved, making it a sustainable and future-proof service.

Great value

Process efficiency was at the heard of eSafeguarding’s development, and that’s why we can give great savings, including over alternative online providers. 

eSafeguarding simplifies what can be seen as a difficult and long procedure, creating a cost-effective method to manage and monitor all of your applications in one place, and if you register as an eSafeguarding multi-user, you can access our online tools, customisable accounts, and invoicing. 

Alternatively, we offer pay as you go DBS checks, perfect for those who require just one or only a handful of DBS checks, or those who don’t carry them out very often. 

Whatever your requirements, eSafeguarding has the perfect option for you, so contact us today for further information. 

Work with eSafeguarding today… 

To find out more about our services and how our DBS checks can benefit you and your business, browse our website today. 

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