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The Protocol Group

Child Safety Week: Ensuring Safe and Secure Environments Through DBS Checks

Running between 3rd-9th June this year, Child Safety Week is an annual campaign dedicated to important conversations around children’s safety and how to manage risks. It is of pivotal importance that children can grow up in safe environments where they are free to develop and learn effectively. This year’s theme, ‘Safety. Sorted!’ highlights a need […]

The Different Types of DBS Checks

We’re quite commonly asked about the different levels of DBS checks as it can be confusing to decipher. Therefore, we thought it might be useful to break down the different DBS checks that you can secure for your staff, to give you a more of an understanding of which one would be right for your […]

What Level of DBS Check is needed when working with children?

Members of staff who are working or volunteering in ‘regulated activity’ with children will require an Enhanced DBS Check in England or Wales. (Regulated activity continues to exclude any activity carried out in the course of family relationships, and personal, non-commercial relationships). Regulated Activity in relation to children is defined as the following: **Regularly is […]

Relaunching eSafeguarding

eSafeguarding is the online DBS check provider that can ensure you find candidates eligible to work for you through an accurate and speedy process, using technology that creates a service easy for everyone involved.